Our Story

Unfortunately, being fan of music in 2017 is daunting…Regardless the artist or the genre of music you’re into, your love for music is sure to take you on a ride – Finding the right apps and/or blogs to deliver you all the live music coverage, breaking news, tour announcements, and in-depth content you need to quench a fans thirst can be one hell of a process.

In December 2011, we purchased a camera, started covering concerts, and built a website that helped fans never miss another show in the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia region. Hoping to give fans a destination for live music and a platform to share their voice. That impromptu site grew into UTOR.

UTOR is the new digital destination for music. We’re currently in the process of building an all-in-one app that allows fans to completely personalize their experience. Fans can simply follow their favorite artists or genre of music, and we create, curate, and deliver up-to-the-minute breaking news, live music coverage, and commentary from across the web in one easy place

Whether your just finding out about us or you’ve been riding with us all along, Thank you!